Indy Broach is a Project Consultant in Bennettsville, SC

Indy Broach from Bennettsville, SC is a highly experienced project consultant dedicated to helping food and beverage manufacturing businesses get their feet on the ground and develop. We can serve as your total project manager, handling all of the construction oversight, logistical support and operational management. Our company has serviced every major beverage producer in the United States, and we are offering our considerable experience and skills to you.

We employ a wide range of specialists with expertise in areas such as plant construction, electrical services, engineering, operations, mechanics and production. For construction, we will work with your contractor to ensure that the facilities are built to the proper and optimal specifications. We can also provide financial and logistical consultation, so you can have a good idea what returns to expect on prospective investments and expenditures. This consultation includes services such as prospectus, manufacturing project estimates, equipment appraisalperformance statement, capital budgetproject justificationproject cost justification and project pay back.

Indy Broach, Founder and President of our company, has over 46 years of experience in the food, beverage and dairy industry, and he has personally performed every task related to plant construction, electrical services and management operations. You will not find a more experienced and qualified service to be your project consultant, so please contact us at Indy Broach today so we can develop your company.

Indy Broach is a project consultant in Bennettsville, SC
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  • Offers Total Project Management.
  • We Have Serviced Every Major Beverage Producer in the United States.
  • Over 46 Years of Experience.

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